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About Us

AGENDA is the trading name of AGENDA Salon Concepts Ltd, startedin 1998, we manufacture a series of salon ranges that are distributed acrossthe UK and EU. Our team of dedicated professionals has over 60 years collectiveindustry experience.

Our sales team are in daily contact with in excess of 200 UK andEU based wholesale companies, who operate more than 600 store outlets, servingprofessionals from the Hair, Beauty, Nail, Pharma and Tattoo industries.

Weare the UK and EU agents for brands such as Cricket, Medic, Black & White,Dax, TRU Barber, Flairosol, Lucart & PRO Gloves. AGENDA is the brand ownerof AGENDA Stationery, AGENDA Disposables, PRISMA, Barber Loco and Salon Ethos.

Our core aim is to provide a comprehensive and holistic rangeacross the following categories: Salon Stationery, PPE, Salon Hygiene, SalonEssentials, Stylist Accessories, Colour-Tech Accessories, Therapist Essentials,Barbering Accessories & Technician Essentials.

We are proud of the performancewe bring to the brands we represent. If you have a brand or a product suited tothe Salon Professional market, talk to us first, we’d like the opportunity tosurprise you.

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